It is Restaurant Week in Bethesda. I didn’t know it existed until reading a blog post about it and then getting a reminder about it in an email from Bethesda Urban Partnership. A good deal – a 3 course meal for $30. (not including wine).

I looked around at restaurants I wanted to visit – we had to do it tonight because I have a meeting tomorrow and Dean’s gone for the rest of the week. I’ve wanted to go to Grapseed for a long time, but didn’t expect them to have any seats left at the time we wanted to go. I chose Visions because I’d just found out about it, and corresponded with one of the chefs. (I complained about their pop-up on their home page.)

When Dean got home we talked about where we wanted to eat. I told him about Visions, but said I’d like to go to Grapeseed if they had a spot. Dean called and we got a reservation at Grapeseed at the “chef’s table”.

The chef’s table, in case you didn’t know, is a bar overlooking the kitchen. It is probably the last to go because it isn’t very romantic, but it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed watching the chefs cook. And it was warm, by all that fire.

Our meal was delicious. The wine was wonderful. The chefs were entertaining. The bill wasn’t bad, considering this is probably the best restaurant in Bethesda. Although if you add the parking ticket to the top of the bill, it was kind of expensive.

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