Daily Archives: January 1, 2008

In which we do not see the Hopper exhibit

I had a couple of ideas for posts at different times today, but cannot recall what they were now. One might have been on New Year’s Resolutions, but the context has slipped to an area of my mind I cannot access right now.

Dean has been hounding me suggesting we visit the Edward Hopper exhibit in DC. I’d meant to plan a day we visit over the break, but as I suspected, didn’t get around to it. Today Dean mentioned it again, so I thought, why not. No work to do and we could go to the neighbor’s open house a little later.

Dean was online, checking the particulars, so I ate a quick breakfast (so what if it was noon – I ate scrambled eggs) and finished getting ready to go. We drove – Dean talked about how mellow he was feeling after waking up at 9. (about 4 hours after his usual wake-up time) He drove slowly and got us to the museum area of DC just fine. We parked across the Mall from where I suspected the exhibit was being held and I mentioned it, in a not-so-bitchy tone. Dean’s mellow mood prevented him from bitching back – he said we could walk right across the mall and there it would be. I asked which gallery it was being held, and he said the American Museum of Art. I told him I thought that museum was connected to the National Portrait Gallery and a bit farther away than “across the Mall”. He thought it was on the Mall. When we got the National Gallery of Art and saw no posters for the exhibit we suspected he was correct and set out to walk the few more blocks to the American Museum of Art, although there was an exhibit that looked good at the National Gallery. Dean said the Hopper was going to close in two days, so we should concentrate on that.

Being a warm-enough day, we really didn’t mind the walk. We got to the museum and Dean headed to the bathroom. I asked a volunteer where the Hopper was and she pointed to two large paintings at the end of the hall. She then told me the Hopper was at the National Gallery, but it was closed today. I wanted to argue with her, because, after all, Dean said it was here, but then realized that she probably knew more than Dean did. She said we really should see it because it was a great exhibit. I lamented that it was going to close in a couple of days. She said that it was not closing until January 21 – but the Turner was closing in two days.

When Dean returned he was surprised, but still mellow, that he was so wrong on so many accounts.

We saw the Katherine Hepburn exhibit instead. A paltry one-room show of a few photos, some posters, and her red turtleneck sweater. Big Deal.