Monthly Archives: February 2008

Twitter — What am I doing?

I’m still not convinced Twitter is right for me. If you’ve never used it, this is how it works:

You sign up and then send updates to the world of what you are doing. The updates must be short – 140 characters or less (that includes spaces, I think).  Not much happens until you start following people though. Then you get their updates. You can reply to them by typing @ before their username. Sometimes they reply, but sometimes they don’t. It’s like a dysfunctional chatroom.

I only “follow” 12 people. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I followed hundreds – I’m already distracted when one of the 12 I follow updates what they are doing.

We’ll see.

Slacking again

I must be getting spring fever – after all the maple outside my office window is nearly ready bloom. I’ve watched the red buds swell over the past few weeks, and I think can see some yellow along the seams. I had no tolerance for work yesterday, although I did get a few hours of work accomplished.

What I spent the most time on, however, was a makeshift platform bird feeder. I’d already put my tube feeder on a [sort of a] hook on the side of the window, but wanted something more visible so I could capture (on film) the birds that visit. I reasoned that I could use the window bottom to hold something light horizontally outside the ledge and put some birdseed on it. Then I could put the webcam next to the window and get more birds on [digital] film.

I looked around the attic and found a couple of green lids from large Rubbermaid® containers which I attached to the window ledge by wedging it under the bottom of the casement window. It looks silly, but it was effective. After only a few moments of hesitation, the birds began eating off the feeder and kept it up most of the afternoon.

Maybe I’ll get some work done today.