Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

Cooking for my family

I used to like to cook. I don’t mind cooking for other folks but cooking for my family has become a pain, especially during wrestling season. Here’s why…

My daughter is a vegetarian – albeit one that eats fish, dairy and eggs, but won’t touch poultry or meats. She is also not a fan of many vegetables. My son won’t eat cooked vegetables, but eats meat (but only meat that has been cooked on a grill (which also means he doesn’t like stew or pot roast) and seafood. He also won’t eat hamburger with a low fat content. He doesn’t much like poultry, but will eat some chicken recipes. My husband pretty much eats everything, but he doesn’t like chicken except for some recipes (luckily, the same ones as my son). My husband must have a starch with his meals (potato, rice, pasta — in that order) oh, and bread — he must have his bread. I like chicken and turkey and could eat that almost exclusively, but I also like meat and seafood (except scallops) and many vegetables (but I, too, prefer them raw). Neither child likes quiche (and my son doesn’t like eggs). Neither one likes home-made pizza, although they both love pizza from a pizza parlor.

Looking at the likes and dislikes above one might conclude that I’m just whining. That’s not entirely true. Because now we must consider the days of the week. My husband often skips dinner on Monday evenings because he has tae kwon-do practice most Monday evenings. My son plays soccer so about 9 months a year he has practice twice a week, often interfering with dinner. So Monday and Thursday meals need to be something that can be kept warm until after sports. During the winter (November through March) my son also wrestles and must watch his weight. He often eats very little in the days before a meet or tournament.

So, aside from trying to work around the likes and dislikes of this family, I also need to consider the ever changing schedules. Usually I end up cooking two meals – one for the meat eaters and one for the vegetarian. The best days are days we have fish and salad, because everyone is happy then.  Although one of my new year resolutions was to cook for myself, and if the others were not happy, so be it — let them cook the next meal.

We eat a lot of pasta. And fish, although that gets expensive. And Tex-Mex.

Tonight for dinner we are having chicken piccata. Except for Clare who will have tofu piccata. We’ll also have penne agli olio and a salad.

If you have a recipe/meal plan that will fit our preferences, I’d be forever in your debt.