Daily Archives: February 18, 2008

Reduced to weather talk

This morning I was surprised to see the temperature was 56 degrees at 8:00 am. I checked to make sure it wasn’t the attic temperature I was looking at (we have one of those digital thermometers that show four different channels). No, it was set on channel 2 – outdoors. By the time I got ready to head out to take my car to the shop, it was in the mid-sixties. When I was at the shop the temperature climbed from 67 degrees to 72 degrees. (I know this because the news was on and the reporters told us the temperature every two and a half seconds).

The weathermen said the unusually hot weather would not last, and it was going to get pretty cold in a couple of hours, and there I was sitting in the car repair shop, waiting for my rental to show up. I was anxious to get home because I had newsletters to deliver for my home owners’ association. I’d been putting it off all weekend because it had been cold outside and wanted to take advantage of this break in the weather.

When the car rental guy finally showed up in a car that smelled like cigarette smoke, I didn’t argue for a different one because I just wanted to get home. In hindsight I wish I’d not even gotten a rental — Dean rides his bike to work and I could have just used his car while mine was in the shop. But that’s a different topic.

When I got home I grabbed the newsletters and delivered them on our street, then on another street. Finally when I got to my last block the rain started. I worried, thinking it was February forgodsakes and why wasn’t my family helping me deliver these darned things. Then I realized that the rain was simply a warm, gentle rain and I was wearing a rainproof jacket. It was fine.

But it is February forgodsakes. I didn’t even know that they made gentle warm February rains in our neck of the woods.