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New Housemates

We will prohibit this soon, but they really love the dining room table

Back in June Andrew asked us if we’d consider taking in two adult cats because the owner was moving to Australia. I was immediately for it and Dean said it was up to me.

We met the cats a week later and they seemed friendly and fine, if a little frightened.

Their owner, Dan, dropped them off on July 30 and they’ve been getting used to being here.

Waffle is a female and a very large one at that. She’s probably got some Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat in her. She’s a tabby color. Pony is all white except for a stripe of gray between his ears.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s all been good. The first night, Waffle peed on my leather “cloud” chair. The second night she peed and pooped on Dean’s leather recliner. We washed the leather and floor with soap, then sprayed them with a leather-safe enzyme. We’re also covering the seats when we are not sitting in them.

At the previous owner’s suggestion, I bought a second liter box for them to put in the lodge. That took care of peeing and pooping on furniture, but now Waffle pees around the corner in the kitchen instead of in the box. I think she only does that when there is solids in the box, so I’m always on the lookout for fresh poop.

There is more good than bad, though. They are both very friendly. Waffle has become my shadow and always wants to be in the same room as I am in, often on my lap.

Pony is affectionate too, but more aloof. He’s very vocal when it comes to treats though.

Roomba Ants

When I was a kid — probably pre-teen through late teens — I would spend parts of some of my summer days watching ants. The ants I watched most lived on the south side of my childhood home, under the fragrant rose bush. I was fascinated by their constant movement — they never seemed tired.

I remember one year when my family and I went on vacation and returned to find what had been a whole peanut on the kitchen floor, now reduced to near powder and a line of small ants carrying bits of that peanut powder several feet to the back door and outside. So much work for something so small.

Yesterday while taking care of business in our powder room, I noticed movement on the floor near the door. I looked closer and saw several ants working to maneuver what looked like a corn chip crumb into a tiny hole on the intersection between the door’s threshold and woodwork. I saw that the ants were coming from outside the powder room and followed a line of ants to under our kitchen table.

Please take note that sweeping and washing the kitchen floor was on my to-do list yesterday so no judging please but it was obvious that there was a smorgasbord of food under the table and the ants were taking advantage of it.

Since I had a lunch date with my friend, Suzanne, I ended up not sweeping the kitchen floor and left the ants go about their business.

This morning there are fewer ants and fewer crumbs. They are quieter than a Roomba, don’t get stuck under the refrigerator, and don’t need charging. I think I’ll keep them.


When I was a child my mom sewed a lot. She was also frugal, so she reused buttons. I always remembered a large jar of buttons in the linen/sewing closet in the hallway connecting our bedrooms with the bathroom. That large jar came home with me after my mother died.

When mom sewed I sometimes played with the jar of buttons. I had my favorites — my very favorite was a translucent pink, round, concave button that always tempted me to put it in my mouth because it looked like a delicious piece of candy. Okay, most of the time I did put it in my mouth. I can remember the smooth taste of nothing. I wasn’t disappointed it didn’t taste like candy because I knew it was a button, but, if I had that button now I would definitely put it in my mouth.


I just dumped out the entire jar of buttons looking for the lozenge-like button, but mom must have used it for something because it’s not there. However, some other buttons I remember were there. The pink buttons have four glass diamonds on the front — I should have made sure to take a photo of the fronts! The long black one was from an old p-coat. The round black one was from my dad’s navy dress clothes or coat. I think the dome-shaped silver button was from one of my winter coats. I am pretty sure I put that in my mouth more than once too. The big round red button was from my mom’s coat, I think. The others I just remember, but don’t know where they came from.

My button friends