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Slacking again

I must be getting spring fever – after all the maple outside my office window is nearly ready bloom. I’ve watched the red buds swell over the past few weeks, and I think can see some yellow along the seams. I had no tolerance for work yesterday, although I did get a few hours of work accomplished.

What I spent the most time on, however, was a makeshift platform bird feeder. I’d already put my tube feeder on a [sort of a] hook on the side of the window, but wanted something more visible so I could capture (on film) the birds that visit. I reasoned that I could use the window bottom to hold something light horizontally outside the ledge and put some birdseed on it. Then I could put the webcam next to the window and get more birds on [digital] film.

I looked around the attic and found a couple of green lids from large Rubbermaid® containers which I attached to the window ledge by wedging it under the bottom of the casement window. It looks silly, but it was effective. After only a few moments of hesitation, the birds began eating off the feeder and kept it up most of the afternoon.

Maybe I’ll get some work done today.

Unproductive Day

I’ve not gotten much of anything done today. I worked a little, then played the rest of the day. It’s cold outside, and cold in all parts of the house except here in the attic where Clare and I holed up all day.

She’s working on her research paper in which she gets to use the F-word a few times. It is a paper on censored books  and she read The Handmaid’s Tale. I read it years ago and don’t recall the F-word in it at all. But I was not a 16 year old at the time.

Dean was a grump much of the day – the bank messed up and we now have to pay a few late payments on bills that were not paid on time.

Andrew had wrestling.

I’m the only slacker of the bunch!