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I don’t make resolutions.

Well, actually that is a lie.

I do.

Sort of.

I make annual promises to myself around the first of the year and usually by the end of the first week in January I’ve broken all of my promises. Last year I decided that even if I broke promises I’d re-make them as soon as I broke them and do this all year and hopefully I’d be a better person by December 31, 2011.

Well, that didn’t work either. I was the same person on December 31, 2011 as I was on December 31, 2010.

This year I decided to set 12 goals for myself — one for each month of the year (which ends in 12 — how cute is that?). My plan was to concentrate on one thing each month — trying to make it a habit.

I started out with the goal of walking at least a mile a day.

On January 1, just after my morning coffee I put on my walking shoes, tied my hair back in a ponytail holder, put on my coat and, according to my smartphone application, walked 1.3 miles.

Monday and Tuesday's routes
Monday and Tuesday’s routes

On January 2, just before dark I put on my walking shoes, tied my hair back in a ponytail holder, put on my heavy down coat and, according to my smartphone application, walked 1 mile.

[Please note that I walked the exact same route. Interesting that on 1-1-2021 it was .3 miles longer than on 1-2-2012.]

On January 3 I suggested we go out for dinner. We walked from the parking lot to the restaurant to the movie theater and back to the parking lot. I told myself that had to be a mile. It according to Google Maps it really was less than half a mile.

On January 4 I didn’t leave the house. (that was the day the furnace quit and the temperature outside did’t get out of the low 20s)

On January 5 Clare and I went to the mall. We may or may not have walked a mile.

Today I plan on walking to the Bethesda Community Store to buy some fish for dinner. Maybe I will take the long way. I doubt it will be a mile.

Yeah, I don’t make resolutions…

Woo hoo, the vacation’s over!

So this morning as I sat drinking my coffee I made a ridiculously long to do list. I guess that because I don’t have any pending work at this time, I can get things done around the house. Mmmhuh as my old friend Violet would say in a tone of disdainful disbelief.

I’ll probably actually get to the computer related items on the list:

  • blog entry
  • order CD for Ella
  • Check work email
  • buy vacuum (?)
  • update calendars
  • scan pics (30 minutes)
  • check doctor appt vs wrestling schedule
  • check freecycle
  • freecycle 1 thing

I’ll also do the grocery shopping (because we are out of half & half and eggs) and exercise (because I use half & half in my coffee and eat eggs), but I probably won’t get much else on the list completed which is a shame because the Christmas tree is going to spontaneously combust any second.

The cats claws will probably need to wait as will the water filter and laundry.

Cool, one to do item finished, 19 to go.

Unproductive Day

I’ve not gotten much of anything done today. I worked a little, then played the rest of the day. It’s cold outside, and cold in all parts of the house except here in the attic where Clare and I holed up all day.

She’s working on her research paper in which she gets to use the F-word a few times. It is a paper on censored books  and she read The Handmaid’s Tale. I read it years ago and don’t recall the F-word in it at all. But I was not a 16 year old at the time.

Dean was a grump much of the day – the bank messed up and we now have to pay a few late payments on bills that were not paid on time.

Andrew had wrestling.

I’m the only slacker of the bunch!