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The Great Tulip Tree Photography Experiment

I have purchased several point and shoot digital cameras over the years. The first was purchased around 2002 before our trip to England. It was a bemouth Olympus Camedia C-2100. with a 10x optical zoom. People thought it was something else. It’s what I took all my cicada photos with in 2004. The others are below, in no particular order and some might be missing. I still have the first three plus the Olympus Camedia.

  • Fuji FinePix S700 (zoom 10x)
  • Samsung WB250F (zoom 17x)
  • Olympus SZ17 (zoom 24x)
  • Panasonic Lumix (unknown zoom)

I’ve been meaning to give away some of my cameras and only keep one point and shoot and my Nikon D3500 but I never made time to do any comparison shooting until today. I took each at full optical zoom.

Unfortunately today’s experiment won’t really be fair since I had to charge some of the cameras, had to deal with our landscapers and when I took the last photo the light had changed. I will re-do it sometime soon. Also I am not 100% sure these are all the same flower.

Anyway, of the point and shoot, which one do you think is best?

Fuji FinePix (Zoom: 10x)
Olympus SZ17 (zoom 24x)
Samsung (zoom 17x)
Nikon (not a point and shoot) (Full zoom with 70-300mm lens whatever that means)

The Girl at the Bottom of the Cup

I first saw the girl at the bottom of the cup about the time I was old enough to drink milk/juice/Kool-Aid from a big-girl cup. I was young enough to wonder who she was. She was always at the bottom of the cup, no matter where I was when I drank from a cup. I remember being reassured that life was normal when she appeared at the bottom of the cup after we’d moved into our new house around the time I was five years-old. I considered her a friend.

At some point I no longer looked for her, but when I did, she was always there. Also, at some point I realized it was my reflection — although her nose was much bigger than mine. Over the years there are long stretches of time that I don’t even think about the girl at the bottom of my cup, but then I see her again.

Lately, in the morning when I take my last few sips of coffee, I notice her there at the bottom of my coffee mug. I think she’s more noticeable when the coffee cup is dark, but she’s there in light colored cups too. I don’t think she’s at the bottom of transparent glassware though. I guess I have never checked.

I wanted to get this on the blog because I don’t think I have ever told anyone about the girl at the bottom of the cup. Now I have. I’ll bet you have someone at the bottom of your cup too.

She’s right there, under that coffee

Have you noticed…

This week (fortnight actually) our small blogging group are answering a question we found in a poem and using it as a starting point for our writing. Helen suggested a few poets and their questions. I am sticking with her first suggestion “Have you noticed…” from Ghosts by Mary Oliver.

Have you noticed… people are being kinder these days?

Have you noticed … people are being more cruel these days?

Have you noticed…people are acting smarter these days?

Have you noticed… people are acting stupider these days?

Have you noticed… leaders are speaking the facts?

Have you noticed… leaders are speaking lies?

What have you noticed?