Woo hoo, the vacation’s over!

So this morning as I sat drinking my coffee I made a ridiculously long to do list. I guess that because I don’t have any pending work at this time, I can get things done around the house. Mmmhuh as my old friend Violet would say in a tone of disdainful disbelief.

I’ll probably actually get to the computer related items on the list:

  • blog entry
  • order CD for Ella
  • Check work email
  • buy vacuum (?)
  • update calendars
  • scan pics (30 minutes)
  • check doctor appt vs wrestling schedule
  • check freecycle
  • freecycle 1 thing

I’ll also do the grocery shopping (because we are out of half & half and eggs) and exercise (because I use half & half in my coffee and eat eggs), but I probably won’t get much else on the list completed which is a shame because the Christmas tree is going to spontaneously combust any second.

The cats claws will probably need to wait as will the water filter and laundry.

Cool, one to do item finished, 19 to go.

3 thoughts on “Woo hoo, the vacation’s over!

  1. I went to see Walk Hard last night, which was soooo much fun. And as I watched the credits roll, I saw that Dan Bern had a hand in some of the songs! Just wanted to be sure you knew…


  2. Glad Walk Hard is a fun film. I want to see it. I hope it helps Dan’s career, even if he didn’t know who I was back in the spring which indirectly caused me to quit writing my 365 & song-a-day blogs.

    I knew that Dan wrote or co-wrote several of the songs. I listened to an NPR broadcast that played some songs. I knew exactly which ones Dan wrote – they were so him.


  3. Well, Dan was a catalyst (indirect or otherwise) for your disappearance? Now I feel a little resentful of him…


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