Daily Archives: January 6, 2008

Wrestling tournament hangover

This morning I woke up with a near-migraine complete with nausea. I was also dehydrated. Bright lights hurt my eyes. My back hurt, up in-between my shoulder blades. If I’d consumed copious amounts of alcohol last night it would have made sense, but all I did yesterday was hang out at a wrestling tournament. For thirteen and a half hours we sat and watched high school boys compete for medals.

I’m not sure if the headache was a result of having only drank one cup of coffee that morning, not drinking nearly enough water during the day, skipping dinner for the second day in a row, the set up during the finals (one large mat set up in the center of the gym with a single lamp shining down on the center of the mat and no other lights burning in the gym — it looked like a scene for a Rocky movie without the ropes and smoke), or all of the above.  I swear I drank no alcohol last night. I could barely make it up the stairs to fall into bed much less open a bottle of wine.

The team came in a distant second. We had three wrestlers in the finals, two of whom won first place. We had several others with 3rd through 6th place spots. Andrew got 5th place.

Lessons learned: drink lots of water and bring healthy snacks, not only for Andrew, but for myself as well.