Daily Archives: January 23, 2008


I follow a couple of birding blogs and both mentioned Birdstack in recent posts. I’m trying it out. So far it seems pretty easy to use and entering data is pretty straight forward.

It’s a site where you keep track of your bird observations. It lets you set locations and trips. The widget at the bottom of the left hand sidebar is my recently sighted list. Recent as in since yesterday.

I used to keep a life-list of the birds I’d seen and identified on my own, but that fell to the wayside when the kids were born.

I’ve got a small feeder near the window where I spend much of my day, and want to document who visits the feeder. I might get more feeders for the area — depending on how safe they are and how crowded it ends up looking.

Not related to the feeder, but related to birds — yesterday a huge flock of robins were hanging around the back yard and a couple of cedar waxwings were there too. I’ve gotten where I know their call. I got a photo of two, but it is very blurry.