Daily Archives: January 20, 2008

It grows on you…

You know the phrase “it grows on you”? I’ve never really believed it until recently when a couple of things have gown on me.

One is a movie I’ve tried to watch a couple of times: The Science of Sleep.  I’d had high hopes for this film when I saw the previews and knew that Gondry was involved, but the first couple of times I began watching it, I didn’t like it. I thought it was contrived and silly for no reason.

Then last night, I sat down to watch it again. I began from the beginning and watched it all the way through and LOVED IT.

I wonder what was up the first two times.

Another thing that has begun to grow on me is Facebook. I joined because I could. My kids were on it and I wanted to know what the pull was. I found little to interest me – no one but my teens and their friends seemed to be on it. I got lots of friend invites when I joined, but because I didn’t know those people online nor off, didn’t accept the invites.

Recently I was “friended” by a former classmate of mine – someone who got me sent to the hall in 3rd grade. It’s interesting to see what his life has turned out to be – although since his brother married Dean’s cousin, I could have easily found out that way.

In the past few days I’ve begun to explore that (and Myspace) more and I think I could become a convert.

That’s all I need – another Internet addiction.