It grows on you…

You know the phrase “it grows on you”? I’ve never really believed it until recently when a couple of things have gown on me.

One is a movie I’ve tried to watch a couple of times: The Science of Sleep.  I’d had high hopes for this film when I saw the previews and knew that Gondry was involved, but the first couple of times I began watching it, I didn’t like it. I thought it was contrived and silly for no reason.

Then last night, I sat down to watch it again. I began from the beginning and watched it all the way through and LOVED IT.

I wonder what was up the first two times.

Another thing that has begun to grow on me is Facebook. I joined because I could. My kids were on it and I wanted to know what the pull was. I found little to interest me – no one but my teens and their friends seemed to be on it. I got lots of friend invites when I joined, but because I didn’t know those people online nor off, didn’t accept the invites.

Recently I was “friended” by a former classmate of mine – someone who got me sent to the hall in 3rd grade. It’s interesting to see what his life has turned out to be – although since his brother married Dean’s cousin, I could have easily found out that way.

In the past few days I’ve begun to explore that (and Myspace) more and I think I could become a convert.

That’s all I need – another Internet addiction.

7 thoughts on “It grows on you…

  1. I really enjoyed The Science of Sleep, but I haven’t gotten addicted to Facebook yet (although I do check on people from time to time). Reading actual blogs takes up enough of my time…I can’t seem to get the same satisfaction from Facebook! But maybe someday…


  2. Oh, I agree, IB. Blogs are much more interesting for me than Facebook. On a related note — I had a discussion with someone yesterday about why I don’t Twitter much, but write and read blogs. The person I was talking to seems to see Twittering and blogging as the same kind of activity – but I think Twittering is more along the lines of a huge impersonal chatroom and blogging is more like a very personal, yet public diary.


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for kind words.
    It is nice to hear about what happens when they are older (I tried to post a message days ago but computer wouldn’t let me)
    I can’t WAIT till they are old enough to watch movies with.


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