Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

The Lives of Others

So yesterday I happened upon two blogs belonging to people I’ve known who, through divorce, were removed from my life. The first one belongs to the ex-wife of a friend of Dean’s. I was spacing out and reading some woman related Washington Post blogs when I found a guest post by this woman. The content of the blog as well as her name made me realize it was probably her and I followed a link to her personal blog where she discusses topics ranging from her new marriage to martinis. I always wished we were better friends – and not just friends when our husbands got together. Perhaps it was the fact that she is more than a decade my junior is the reason we never became friends. I was sad when she and her husband divorced, but not in the least surprised.

The second blog was found by clicking on the “links” link under a video I uploaded to YouTube about a year ago. It lead me to a blog by a 60-something man who used to live in Elgin but now lives in Northern Wisconsin. The names in the sidebar calendar led me to deduce that he is the ex-husband of one of my mother’s best friends. In fact this man was at my wedding. I called my mom and she confirmed that he moved to Wisconsin.

So, in some ways, this Internet, this huge time sucker and distraction maker can make the world a smaller place.

Of course I’ve known that for years.