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Humpty Dumpty From Cindy

My best friend in middle school was Cindy (she goes by Cynthia now) and one year she gave me a stuffed Humpty Dumpty. I don’t know why — maybe we had a secret joke about Humpty Dumpty or something, but I found it at my mom’s when we were clearing out her stuff.

I was not positive it was the actual Humpty Dumpty that Cindy gave me because my mom used it as a pattern for her own stuffed Humpty Dumptys. But those stuffed Humpty Dumptys were stitched from fabrics that I remember from other projects.

It will likely go in the kneewall with the other stuffed animals.

The Doll from Aunt Ginny

I’m finally thinking of letting go of a folk-angel doll that my Aunt Ginny gave me one Christmas. It was definitely her style, not mine. We kept it with our Christmas things and put it up each year after we received it. It went more with the style of our Christmas things than with our general everyday eclectic-but-not-folksy style.

Aunt Ginny died shortly after Christmas 2015 and I didn’t put the doll back with the Christmas things after that, but kept her on my office sofa.

At the moment it is in the give away box, but I will probably transfer it to a Christmas box when I finish packing everything up for the season.

Flavia Weedn

I knew her only as Flavia, the woman who designed many of the cards I sent to people back when I still sent cards to people. In 1987 I bought an engagement calendar full of her work and her writing. Fifty-two drawings and fifty-two small poems. I came across it the other day.

When I wrote to people, especially on blank notecards, I often used one of Flavia’s little poems.

While I’ve outgrown the pastels of the artworks, I still like some of the sentiments…

Okay, I was wrong. I was unable to find one that I would send to someone. A little saccharine for the jaded person I have become.

Okay, I still like this one:

Two empty chairs at a small round table. Words at the top: Real friends are rare/We've shared tears, hopes and dreams, you and I/How lucky we are

What I am trying to say and not doing a very good job of it is that Flavia was a huge part of my letter writing life and I just wanted to put that out here.