Daily Archives: January 15, 2008

Not loving Love in the Time of Cholera

I’m seriously considering quitting book group. I’ve not been into the past couple of books we’ve read and because of that I don’t read. I feel that I need to be reading the book group selection so I read nothing.

I’ve got a pile of books to read and want to just dive into those. Maybe I should just go to book group and pretend I read the book, but really have read others.

This time it’s Love in the Time of Cholera. It’s not that I don’t like it. The book is well written and could hold my interest if I wanted to read it. I just am not interested. Luckily the next book is going to be a book I’ve already read so I can concentrate on my pile.

Because we are not a strict book group (I know someone who kicks people out of her group if members don’t read the books) I won’t quit. I like the people and need an excuse to get away from the house with other women one night a month.

Ok then, that settled. Off to find the modern version of cliff notes on Love in the Time of Cholera.