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Senior Portraits (draft written in 2008, updated today)

Going through my drafts, I found this from the year Clare became a senior. I wonder why I never finished it. It was pretty good. Her photo turned out very nice despite not following the advice of the photography studio.

My all-to-soon to be senior (school starts on Tuesday) is sitting for her Senior Portrait this morning. She missed her first sitting because we were still on our college road trip.

At the beginning of the summer Clare received a letter from Jackson Blanton Photographers assigning her a sitting date in early August at her school. The letter congratulates Clare on being a senior and gives some “suggestions to make the day go smoothly” for her. Here are a few (with my comments):

  • Nail appointments should be approximately one day before your session. Choose a neutral or coordinating nail color
    How many school photos have you seen where someone’s hands are showing?
  • Bring 1 casual outfit. Don’t forget any additional props you may want in your photos. Arrive dressed in that casual outfit. Be sure all clothing is neatly pressed.
    How can you bring something and wear it?
    Props? Like what? A lion tamer’s whip? (Clare either wanted to bring her cat or wear a fake pregnant stomach under her clothes)
  • If you wear eyeglasses, removing the lenses for your session is highly recommended to avoid glare and distortion.
    Huh? (The accompanying brochure went so far as to ask your optometrist to borrow a pair of lensless frames for the sitting)