Crash and Burn(s)

Friday morning I turned on my laptop to begin my day’s work. Windows loaded, but I could not access anything. I could click things, but nothing would load. I tried to start in safe mode, but all I got was a list of drivers that loaded, then it stopped. I tried in other configurations, but it either did the same as safe mode or it gave me a brief ding and an error and shut down.

After several hours of this I took a big breath and located my recovery disks and “recovered”my hard dive. I lost everything on the C: partition, but as I had backed up the most essential files within the past month (photos to Flickr and work files to a flash drive), I was pretty much ok. I’m sure there are files that were lost that I will, on some level, miss. But I now have a much faster and more empty computer and while the recover process is taking a bit of time, I think I’ll survive.

And speaking of surviving. The Burns Supper was a lot of fun. I’ll post photos and videos as soon as I have a few moments to spare.

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