Taxi Mom

Final week is a hellish week, not only for my kids, but for me as well.  Take today, for example. I took the kids to school, then picked up Clare two hours later. Then I took the car for its emmisions test, then drove to school to get Andrew. He informed me that he was going to Bethesda on the bus, but I could pick him up when he called me.

So I went home and tried to get some work done, then Andrew called and said to meet him at Lilit. I drove to the gas station across from Lilit, got gas and met up with Andrew there. I took him home, only to take him to back to school for wrestling practice 45 minutes later. Then I picked him up again at 4:30.

Tomorrow is going to be much of the same, as will be the rest of the week. Friday will be my day of rest, then on Saturday I’ll get to spend the day at the Wrestling tournament. Yes, I know I said I liked wrestling, but after a week like this, I probably will want to sleep in.

I prefer my days to be calm with little driving here and there.

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