Daily Archives: May 15, 2007

Tuesday laziness

Spent a good deal of today playing with wordpress. Got one file completed for work, but I really need to focus on those files. The trouble is – it’s way boring and complicated. Where I used to be able to complete a file in an hour or less, the new configuration takes three to four hours a file. It’s not as if I have much say over this – we’re the sub-contractors on this project.

Clare needed a ride home from school. She told me about her terrible day on the drive home – it was a pretty awful day – lots of small annoyances happened all day including a smushed banana in her backpack and a stuffy nose and sinus headache. She also broke her favorite shoe.

I hung another couple of bird feeders. I wonder when I’ll have too many bird feeders in my yard – is has to be soon. I have seven now – and still have my Mothers Day one to hang. I’m going to pick up another double hooked hanging thing-a-ma-bob tomorrow – if I get out that is. I need to stop by the GS Leader’s house to drop off a permission slip, so might as well make it a satisfying trip.

81. Code Monkey just waiting for now

I spent all of yesterday working on some html documents and I have many more days to go. Imagine a couple reams of word documents sitting in my IN box. I need to code all that using very convoluted web forms that make the task of creating HTML ten times harder than it should be. But I have to use them, even though they are unfinished and very buggy – I work for a gov’t contractor and the customer is always right.

No wonder Jonathan Coulton‘s Code Monkey is going through my head…

Code Monkey have every reason
To get out this place
Code Monkey just keep on working
See your soft pretty face
Much rather wake up, eat a coffee cake
Take bath, take nap
This job “fulfilling in creative way”
Such a load of crap

Monday washday

Worked for pay for 7½ hours in between laundry loads then did a little blogging yesterday. Dean has decided to do Taekwondo on Monday nights – he’s near a black belt and wants to get it sooner rather than later.

At dinner Andrew asked if I’d take him to get his Xbox 360, so we drove up to Best Buy and bought it. He wanted a couple of games, all M-rated, but I only let him get one – probably a bad idea. It is rated M too, but since I’d actually heard of it I relented.

We hooked it up with no problems and he and Clare had fun playing. Just another reason for him to spend time in the house I guess. Just what we needed.

After the kids went to bed Dean and I watched an episode of Sopranos. I’m getting tired of that series – only a couple of seasons left to go.