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Storyteller Wine & Facebook

In Illinois you can buy wine, beer and alcohol in the grocery store (as opposed to Montgomery County, Maryland) and recently I browsed the shelves for wine for Christmas dinner and again yesterday. I found a blogging buddy’s handle on a bottle of wine (delicious, by the way):

Then I logged onto Facebook to show my mom how to use it and ended up making confusing and misspelled comments. I think it will be to my benefit to return to our nearly dry county.

Monday washday

Worked for pay for 7½ hours in between laundry loads then did a little blogging yesterday. Dean has decided to do Taekwondo on Monday nights – he’s near a black belt and wants to get it sooner rather than later.

At dinner Andrew asked if I’d take him to get his Xbox 360, so we drove up to Best Buy and bought it. He wanted a couple of games, all M-rated, but I only let him get one – probably a bad idea. It is rated M too, but since I’d actually heard of it I relented.

We hooked it up with no problems and he and Clare had fun playing. Just another reason for him to spend time in the house I guess. Just what we needed.

After the kids went to bed Dean and I watched an episode of Sopranos. I’m getting tired of that series – only a couple of seasons left to go.