Storyteller Wine & Facebook

In Illinois you can buy wine, beer and alcohol in the grocery store (as opposed to Montgomery County, Maryland) and recently I browsed the shelves for wine for Christmas dinner and again yesterday. I found a blogging buddy’s handle on a bottle of wine (delicious, by the way):

Then I logged onto Facebook to show my mom how to use it and ended up making confusing and misspelled comments. I think it will be to my benefit to return to our nearly dry county.

6 thoughts on “Storyteller Wine & Facebook

  1. When you are you guys coming “home”? There’s a dog poop war brewing up here at our end – I think you all should be here…


    1. Oh dear — I didn’t know about that, Catherine. I thought there was a chainsaw war brewing though. You’ll have to fill me in on the dog poop war. (We’re home)


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