Daily Archives: December 7, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day — but most Saturdays in December tend to be that way.

It was the first wrestling meet this season for my son’s wrestling team. It was a “tri-meet” and we beat both teams — yay.

We had our first snow of the season — only a light dusting, but it looked pretty coming down and was a pleasant surprise to see when we left the high school gymnasium at 5:00.

Last night was my company holiday party. I work from home, part time, for a consulitng company and consider the party one of my “benefits”. Free food & alcohol for an evening. Plus dancing and fake gambling if you’re into that. Actually I don’t like to go that much. I don’t know anyone there — this year I recognized a couple people from my days of working in the office (for a company that was bought by the one for which I work now), but Dean really wanted to go.

Last year we had a good time — sitting with folks who also worked at home or in other states. This year we sat with people who work in the office. They all seemed to know each other and were very young. When did consulting companies allow 12 year olds to work for them?

Marcia’s funeral was yesterday. I spent much of the day thinking about that — that it still seems impossible.