Monthly Archives: April 2007

66. Woke up this morning…

I had no idea that the intro song to The Sopranos was by a rapper. At least that is what I get when I do a search on “woke up this morning and got yourself a gun”. But there is no mention of that song on Wikipedia. And everyone knows Wikipedia is always right.

My husband is calling me now to come watch the next episode we’ve rented from Netflix and I’m going to hear:

“Woke up this morning and got yourself a gun…” as Tony Soprano drives into his driveway.

Hmm. Interesting. I’m getting tired of all the killing and mafia gangster angst.

65. Happy Dance Day to You

Went to a party last night (very rare for me – I’m not much of a party girl these days). An acquaintance turned 50 and threw herself a big party complete with tent, band and DJ. One of the first songs the DJ played was Get This Party Started – a fun song to dance to, so my husband and I danced (another rarity – I have no rhythm but had consumed enough Pinot Noir that I lost my dance related inhibitions).

This morning I didn’t know what to write about, considered that song, but thought better of it until I discovered that today is International Dance Day.

What better than to write about a song that gets me dancing? I had no idea it was by Pink until I looked it up just now…

So put on your dancin’ shoes and dance today. Pink will get your party started.