Monthly Archives: March 2007

36. Savannah on my mind…

Completely cheating on this one.

I have no history with this song, but maybe I have a future. I’ve never been to Georgia (except to drive through it on the way to Florida, picking up fire ants on the way)

I’ve had Georgia on my mind for the past few weeks since we decided to visit Savannah and Tybee Beach for our kids Spring Break. So there you have it. I may or may not be around until after Easter Sunday.

Ray Charles – go at it.

Last night I dreamt I went to Revish again.

Edited 1-14-2021: Revish was a book review website that I joined and volunteered to help out with. I think it predated Goodreads, but not Librarything. It was only around for a couple of years, then got weird and went away. I still occasionally (but not recently) have contact with the person who started the website. He was into web accessibility and now is a[n] [accidental] farmer not far from St. Andrews, Scotland.

I must have been more excited about Revish’s Grand Opening than I realized because last night I dreamt about it.

I walked into a bright shiny new office and was greeted warmly. I was told to stick around so I could meet Dan. I did wait around and saw several employees go in and out of the office – all wearing black trousers or skirts and white button down shirts. Someone named Barbara had to leave early, so the manager (not Dan) asked if I would cover for her.  I was not sure what to do, but said I would be happy to help.

Then I woke up because the cats decided to have a fight at the foot of my bed.

The only other thing I remember about the dream was the copious amount of ice cream being passed around, and everyone carrying thick books.

Oh, and I never met Dan – but I heard him on a podcast this morning.

35. Simple Pleasures

There used to be a fun radio program on WETA on Sundays in the DC area called Songs for Aging Children. One Sunday they played an entire episode (2+ hours) about Phil Ochs. I’d never heard of this singer-songwriter before this radio program introduced me to his music, but immediately went out and bought his Pleasures of the Harbor album. Later I bought the CD version of I Ain’t Marching Anymore.

Pleasures of the Harbor has a number of good songs – in fact I like them all.

I love Phil’s voice – it’s clear and lovely. I love his words – topical at the time they were written, and still mostly true.

Sorry – no links. Check out samples on though.