Daily Archives: March 15, 2007

20. First Rock Concert

I remember very little about the first rock concert I ever attended. I’d heard of Boston, but didn’t follow the band and probably couldn’t name a song sung by the band. I certainly cannot name one now. With the lead singer’s suicide last week, Boston has been in the news lately. Thus my memories of this band. (which are next to none)

It was 1978 and I was working as a waitress at an all night pancake house to pay for yet another trip to England. One of my co-workers – her name escapes me now but I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned in my journal of the time – had an extra ticket to see Boston in Chicago and asked if I’d like it. We’d ride in together and it would be fun. I figured it would be an experience if nothing else, so accepted the ticket.

I don’t even remember where the concert was although a website indicates it may have been at Comiskey Park. Our seats were pretty high up – I remember there were a lot of lights and maybe even smoke on the stage. The security was not very good because everyone around us was smoking pot – as were the folks I was with. On the way there, the guy who was supposed to be my date showed me a little glass vial he brought and explained it was a drug that you inhaled that opened your veins or something and you got high. He may or may not have used it at the concert – I don’t remember. Much later I heard more about a drug called poppers and guessed that the vial contained a nitrite inhalant. I was glad I didn’t try it like he’d suggested I should.

All-in-all, I cannot really say I was disappointed in my first rock concert because I had no expectations. However, the music was too loud, the people were too rowdy, the smoke was too thick. Not my cup of tea, I suppose.

But if you are a Boston fan, here’s a little something for you.