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100. I Want to Die Before I Get Old

I began following geriatric1927 on YouTube about a year ago. I think I was checking out videos of older folks on the internet, thinking, perhaps, my dad might want to be interviewed. I was interested in how videos of older people were accepted on YouTube. geriatric1927 has quite a following.

Last April he was involved in a media event to raise money for a cause called Age Concern. He, together with about 40 elderly folks formed a group called The Zimmers. They even have a myspace page which you should check out because of all the extra videos there. Here’s their end product — My Generation. Watch it to the end — it’s worth it.

This video is relevant for me these days, having spent a couple of weeks with my mother and her friends. (not that they are quite as old as the folks in the video).

Gave up the good life for me…

Oh boy – you’re in for it now…

I found a stack of LPs and a few 45’s from my childhood and just purchased an ION USB turntable so I can upload all those old songs to my web space (at least until the RIAA yells at me, or worse) and allow you to listen to them while you read my stories.

The most embarrassing of the finds is one I’d completely forgotten about, but remembered immediately upon finding it. (Ok, the B-side was a little worse — maybe I’ll upload that one if I run out of stories)

Glen Campbell released The Dreams of the Everyday Housewife in 1968. I was 12. Somehow I became the owner of the 45 with this song on it. Because I remember the song, I think I may have been older when I liked it, but who knows… Perhaps I was really 12.

Here’s a copy from a 45 I found on a closet shelf in my mother’s vacation home in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin.

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Strange Fascination

We now have a decent radio station in the DC area called The Globe. Some of the same DJs that were on WHFS are on The Globe. Each time I listen in, I’m sure to hear at least one song that either brings back memories or is something I’d like to listen to again. This morning I heard David Bowie singing Changes. I actually didn’t know it was David Bowie until the DJ announced it was him. While I would not have guessed the singer, I knew it was him on some level (thanks to hindsight).

It was appropriate that I was driving past morning-weary teens on their way to school when these lines were sung:

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

Not even sure that song holds many memories for me, but my ears perk up whenever I hear it.

Here’s a YouTube video of Bowie singing Changes: