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100. I Want to Die Before I Get Old

I began following geriatric1927 on YouTube about a year ago. I think I was checking out videos of older folks on the internet, thinking, perhaps, my dad might want to be interviewed. I was interested in how videos of older people were accepted on YouTube. geriatric1927 has quite a following.

Last April he was involved in a media event to raise money for a cause called Age Concern. He, together with about 40 elderly folks formed a group called The Zimmers. They even have a myspace page which you should check out because of all the extra videos there. Here’s their end product — My Generation. Watch it to the end — it’s worth it.

This video is relevant for me these days, having spent a couple of weeks with my mother and her friends. (not that they are quite as old as the folks in the video).

14. Sealed with a kiss covers

I spent significant amounts of time with my grandparents who retired to Chetek, Wisconsin. This song transports me to a summer I spent with them, pining over a boy upon whom I had a crush while eying a couple of other guys in a bar.

I’ve had some fun finding versions of this song online, although the version I remember was Bobby Vinton, I cannot find him just singing this song (in 1972 or whenever he recorded it). Although there is a video of a depressingly old Vinton singing it along with other songs. Like a medley. Of old love songs.

I did however find a cover by Brian Hyland from 1966.

Interested parties may also want to check out this song covered by Sam Hui, Agnethe, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Jordan McCoy, Bird, a cute little girl, a guy on a cruise and some random woman.

Then there were the homemade music videos.

And it was even a movie!