Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

12. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I don’t remember when I first read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I think my mom gave it to me for Christmas one year – or maybe my friend Cindy introduced me to it. Perhaps both.

I must have liked the message in the story – although I’m not sure now what it was. These days I try not to get caught up in the philosophy du jour, but back then I was young and impressionable, I suppose.

Of course I saw the movie when it came out and had to own the soundtrack. I don’t remember if I was a Neil Diamond fan before this movie or not. I was a Neil Diamond fan for a while though – although thinking back, the only album of his I owned was JLS.

Listening to the music now, I can see why I liked it. It’s easy to listen to. I can also see why I didn’t bother digitizing it. The chanting is a little annoying.

It got me interested in seagulls – a bird rare on the US prairie back in the early 1970’s. And that might have been one catalyst that brought me to being a birder.

I mistakenly identified the dove of peace necklace given to me by Mr. Topolewski as a thank you for playing along with his birthday present scheme. I thought it was a seagull, and called it Jonathan when I wore it.

Gulls now don’t very often make me think of Jonathan. Unless they look like they are really enjoying their aerodynamic feats.