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69. Focal point of a distant gaze

I admit to having strong negative opinions about certain musicians and types of music. For instance, I won’t listen to rap nor hip hop music. And I don’t like country music. That’s why I’ve never had a taste for Jimmy Buffett* and until last night I didn’t know what he looked or sounded like. Except for Margaritaville, I couldn’t have told you one song he sang. And – get this – if a Jimmy Buffett song happened to play on my lastfm or pandora radio song streams, I’d immediately ban it. Just because it was Jimmy Buffett.

But last night changed things for me a little. I watched the movie Hoot with my daughter. We’d listened to the book on tape at Christmas time, during our drive to Elgin and thought we’d enjoy the movie.

The movie was ok. It followed the book, which was ok.

There is a scene in the movie where two teenage boys are hanging out in Florida, walking on the beach and running through fields. The song that plays during this scene sounded, to Clare and me, like Tom Chapin. We were sure it was Tom Chapin. This morning I looked it up. We were wrong. It was Jimmy Buffett singing Floridays – but the version on the soundtrack is much faster, more upbeat than what I could find on YouTube.

Not only do I now know what Jimmy Buffett sounds like, but since he played the cool middle school science teacher in the movie, I know exactly what he looks like. And I’ll quit banning Buffett’s music – and maybe listen to some voluntarily. Hmm, think there is a rap or hip hop artist I should listen to?

*I assumed he played country music

46. Spring Cleaning

Have you ever thrown everything out of a closet while looking for something? I have. Today I was looking for a cd I knew I had and cleared out our CD cabinet. The coffee table is now piled high with CDs.

I’d been planing on straightening it out anyway. So here is my chance. I’m also ripping all the CD’s I care about and putting them on an ultra portable hard drive – so they are readily accessible to whatever computer I may be using.

I’ve even found some CD’s we will probably donate. The kids don’t like Aaron Carter anymore, and Dean never liked the Sugar Cubes CD I gave him. I’m also planning on storing most of my Dan Bern bootlegs elsewhere. There is not enough space for all of them.

There were also some CDs I’d forgotten we had. For instance – the soundtrack to Room With a View.

I liked the movie okay- although I only saw it once – but I’ve not listened to the soundtrack in 15 years. I bought it for one specific reason – to listen to while I gave birth. However the music did nothing for me at the time – just made me cranky. I think a character on Thirtysomething used it as her labor music, so I, being also a thirty-something woman who was about to go through labor, thought it would help me. Nope – Kate Bush helped me more.

I just listened to some of the soundtrack. I still am not all that impressed – and I’m not even giving birth.