Daily Archives: March 30, 2007

Last night I dreamt I went to Revish again.

Edited 1-14-2021: Revish was a book review website that I joined and volunteered to help out with. I think it predated Goodreads, but not Librarything. It was only around for a couple of years, then got weird and went away. I still occasionally (but not recently) have contact with the person who started the website. He was into web accessibility and now is a[n] [accidental] farmer not far from St. Andrews, Scotland.

I must have been more excited about Revish’s Grand Opening than I realized because last night I dreamt about it.

I walked into a bright shiny new office and was greeted warmly. I was told to stick around so I could meet Dan. I did wait around and saw several employees go in and out of the office – all wearing black trousers or skirts and white button down shirts. Someone named Barbara had to leave early, so the manager (not Dan) asked if I would cover for her.  I was not sure what to do, but said I would be happy to help.

Then I woke up because the cats decided to have a fight at the foot of my bed.

The only other thing I remember about the dream was the copious amount of ice cream being passed around, and everyone carrying thick books.

Oh, and I never met Dan – but I heard him on a podcast this morning.

35. Simple Pleasures

There used to be a fun radio program on WETA on Sundays in the DC area called Songs for Aging Children. One Sunday they played an entire episode (2+ hours) about Phil Ochs. I’d never heard of this singer-songwriter before this radio program introduced me to his music, but immediately went out and bought his Pleasures of the Harbor album. Later I bought the CD version of I Ain’t Marching Anymore.

Pleasures of the Harbor has a number of good songs – in fact I like them all.

I love Phil’s voice – it’s clear and lovely. I love his words – topical at the time they were written, and still mostly true.

Sorry – no links. Check out samples on Amazon.com though.