Daily Archives: April 14, 2007

50. Disco Demolition Night

I’ve already written a little bit about disco, but I have a little more to say. After all, I was a young adult in the late 70’s, early 80’s when disco was popular. I didn’t like disco, but had a roommate who did. In fact she claimed to have introduced disco to the UK by requesting a Blondie song on the radio. I doubted her at the time, and still do doubt her, but I believe she thought she was telling the truth.

Julia and I went to a couple of disco dances. I don’t really remember much, except it was loud, bright and crowded. I think I danced, but who knows? Maybe I tried the tap-step, one-two-three moves that Tim taught me in London. Maybe I just went wild with the music. Maybe I’m remembering it all wrong.

I do, however, remember the Disco Sucks campaign by Steve Dahl and friends. Secretly I was on their side – disco did suck. And they had an absurdly humorous name for their organization: Insane Coho Lips.

Watch Steve Dahl’s parody of Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy?: Do You Think I’m Disco on YouTube.

Outwardly, however, I aligned myself to the more glamorous side – the flashy side. The side without the geeks. Julia and I even had our own motto: Insane Coho Lips Suck. Julia even had a tee-shirt made up with that saying on it.

I remember the build-up for Disco Demolition Night as well. I’m not sure if it was heavily advertised or if I covertly listened to Steve Dahl on The Loop.

Watch a news broadcast about the Disco Demolition Night. It seems there might even be a movie made about it.