Daily Archives: April 25, 2007

61. Shining like the memories

I am not a fan of country music (although I used to listen to it – in my youth). I do make occasional exceptions, however.

We lived in Alexandria, Virginia for several years. The first year we lived there I didn’t have a job, so I stayed home, cleaned house, and made friends with senior citizens.

I also listened to a lot of public radio.

One day while listening to the radio a singer-songwriter was interviewed. She spoke of her home in Alexandria (she had a house on one of the cobblestone streets) and of playing at local venues. Then she sang a song that I fell in love with enough to buy her album.

A friend of ours really liked her and invited me to the Birchmere to see her play, but that was in the days when I didn’t like live music.

Watch and listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter singing This Shirt