61. Shining like the memories

I am not a fan of country music (although I used to listen to it – in my youth). I do make occasional exceptions, however.

We lived in Alexandria, Virginia for several years. The first year we lived there I didn’t have a job, so I stayed home, cleaned house, and made friends with senior citizens.

I also listened to a lot of public radio.

One day while listening to the radio a singer-songwriter was interviewed. She spoke of her home in Alexandria (she had a house on one of the cobblestone streets) and of playing at local venues. Then she sang a song that I fell in love with enough to buy her album.

A friend of ours really liked her and invited me to the Birchmere to see her play, but that was in the days when I didn’t like live music.

Watch and listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter singing This Shirt

5 thoughts on “61. Shining like the memories

  1. It was a nightclub. She did a song about it, and suddenly, it was more than locally famous. It’s closed now, I believe.I was only there once or twice, but one night, Taj Mahal was in the audience too. I think he sat in a little with whoever was playin’, but mostly, he was just hanging out.


  2. I did a search on the Twist and Shout in Bethesda after I saw your comment. Where was it? Do you remember? My husband said it was close to Potomac, but if it was an old VFW, it was probably closer to the downtown action. I’d love to see what is there now (the way Bethesda is going these days – it’s probably a parking garage).


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