Daily Archives: May 19, 2007

85. Studyin about that good ol way

Last night we were temporarily child-free so we took the opportunity to go out for dinner. We would have seen a movie at the AFI in Silver Spring, but the times didn’t work out and besides, we had three Netflix movies at home.

Because I chose the movies in our queue, Dean got to pick the movie we’d watch last night. Out of Mumford, Closer and Anything Else he chose Closer – which is what I hoped he’d choose.

We were not really impressed with the dialogue, plot line nor the characters but did like the music.

Then, because I had to pick Andrew up at school at midnight, I watched another movie on cable. We have a plethora of movie channels so finding one that suited me wasn’t hard. I’d been wanting to see it, even though I don’t like most of Woody Allen’s films.

Match Point was better than Closer – at least it went somewhere. The background music was really interesting – I don’t usually notice the soundtrack, but this one must have been important.

But this post is not about Closer or Match Point. It is about my favorite song in one of my favorite films.

Down in the River to Pray
– Allison Kraus from Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Fun Friday

Did a little work on the HTCA site again, messed with the themes. We’ll see how that goes. Put in 4 straight hours of work for pay – barely even blinked. Finally finished the ten templates – and put them in the correct spot. Monday will send to the SME for her approval. Finally feeling better about the process. Still very time consuming, but it seems to be working ok now. The still have tons of work to do on the forms though.

Bade Clare farewell as she went to GS camp. Poor thing – she has a ton of studying to do and didn’t want to go. She’s also feeling a little sick – allergies. Her voice was nearly gone by the time she left. Andrew was at a band function – Six Flags in NJ. So, being child-free for a few hours, Dean and I went to a Scottish Pub in Wheaton for dinner. I a bottle of my favorite beer and an order of fish and chips. Then I had a wee drop o’ Ardbeg. Yum.

We thought about going to the AFI to see a film, but since we had three Netflix movies at home, chose to watch one of those instead.

I let Dean choose the movie since I’d picked them out from Netflix. He chose Closer – which is what I was hoping he’d pick. I knew nothing about it, and was pleased with the location and actors. However the dialogue was very contrived, none of the characters were likable and nothing much seemed to happen. I was disappointed and Dean left before the movie ended. This morning I looked it up and found out it was a screen adaption of a play. That made a lot of sense. The dialogue was more along the lines of what I’d expect in a play.

Since I had to stay up to get Andrew at midnight, I watched another movie on cable. I’d begun watching Match Point before, but thought I’d save it to watch with Dean. Last night I felt I deserved to see it, and did. Same setting as Closer – sort of. British men and American Women (well, one woman in this one was American). Match Point was the better of the two movies, although still not going to be on my top 50 list.

Picked Andrew up at school – left here at 12:00 got back home at 12:50. The bus was late, then he had to wait around to take his instrument into the building. Lots of kids just dropped their instruments off at the door, Andrew was going to, but I insisted he stay and help take the other instruments in. He admitted that it was the right thing to do, even though he was tired and wanted to go to bed. He said he had a great time.

Tired Thursday

After a late night out I was tired most of the day on Thursday. Got some work done.

Went to Whitman for their Festival of the Arts. Clare had a few pieces of art in the show. It was very crowded, we left Clare there with her friends and went home. I worked on the HTCA site for a while, not sure WP is going to work for that. Installed 2.2 by myself. Kinda proud of that – but they make it darned easy with their directions and all. Hope I don’t have to delete it.