85. Studyin about that good ol way

Last night we were temporarily child-free so we took the opportunity to go out for dinner. We would have seen a movie at the AFI in Silver Spring, but the times didn’t work out and besides, we had three Netflix movies at home.

Because I chose the movies in our queue, Dean got to pick the movie we’d watch last night. Out of Mumford, Closer and Anything Else he chose Closer – which is what I hoped he’d choose.

We were not really impressed with the dialogue, plot line nor the characters but did like the music.

Then, because I had to pick Andrew up at school at midnight, I watched another movie on cable. We have a plethora of movie channels so finding one that suited me wasn’t hard. I’d been wanting to see it, even though I don’t like most of Woody Allen’s films.

Match Point was better than Closer – at least it went somewhere. The background music was really interesting – I don’t usually notice the soundtrack, but this one must have been important.

But this post is not about Closer or Match Point. It is about my favorite song in one of my favorite films.

Down in the River to Pray
– Allison Kraus from Oh Brother Where Art Thou

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