Daily Archives: May 21, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I drive Clare to school as a reward for A’s in academic subjects. I drove her today, then came home, expecting to begin working. Andrew needed a ride to school due to a missed bus. Then he called from school and needed his “odd-day” books.  Three trips up Wilson in about an hour…

Got some work done – not what I’d hoped since they needed old files fixed. Should be able to work on the next batch tomorrow though.

Took Clare (and Anna) to pick up some plants at American Plant Food. She wanted a Moon flower. We bought that plus a few other plants. Hope they thrive.

Talked to our neighbor Sue for a while, then Barry and Theo walked by. Theo came in and played with Clare for a while so Barry could walk his dogs around the block. Theo is so cute and he is in love with Clare.

Robin came over – we talked about books for a while – Barry said my bookshelf reminded him of hers – she agreed. I loaned her Shadow of the Wind.

Book group tonight was sparse and we didn’t discuss the book at all. I’m expecting the same for my night – sometime in June.

87. Last time you didn’t fake me out

Not sure where I first heard of Ike Reilly. I’m sure it was the Internet, but don’t know what lead me to his music. I like lyrics with a bite – funny, topical and or political. I like music that doesn’t overwhelm the lyrics. Reilly’s music and lyrics were what I was looking for. Maybe the fact that Ike Reilly is from the Chicago area made me give him a listen. However I heard of him doesn’t really matter. I bought a couple of his CDs and tried so see him live at least twice, finally succeeding in doing so at one of my favorite venues. Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with his live show persona.

I love the opening stanza in the first track on his out-of-print album Salesmen and Racists.

Last time I couldn’t make you come
Last time you didn’t fake me out
Last time I got a little bit wasted
But this time I don’t think you’ll mind
‘Cause I’m funny:

This song was described as

“…the most infectious song you’ll never hear on commercial radio. Here, Reilly roasts pinheads of all shapes and sizes whose sins are forgiven because of their humor…”

Music Box Online, November 2001, Volume 8, #11

I’d rip the track off my cd and upload it but Ike kinda scares me a little. Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.

If you get a chance to hear the song, do.

He’s funny.

Sunny Sunday

Sunday ended up being a beautiful day. I planted all the flowers and herbs that I bought yesterday, and transplanted last year’s mums to around the lamp post. It looks so much nicer now.

Andrew slept all day. Not sure what’s up with that.

Andrew’s wrestling banquet was a pleasant surprise. I’m not big on sports – even when Andrew is involved, but the wrestling folks are really nice – down to earth (unlike some soccer folks I’ve met). Perhaps it is because the majority of them live up county – and not in Bethesda.