Daily Archives: May 8, 2007

74. All creatures great and small

Clare saw a fox in our backyard this morning. We knew they were around, Dean and Andrew saw one in the front yard one night last fall, but it’s always exciting to see something unusual.

It’s sad the foxes have moved into the suburbs from the surrounding area – there are fewer miles of open country between cities these days, the critters need to go somewhere. Foxes seem to have adapted to suburban life. My friend, Joan, had an entire fox family living in her backyard a couple of years ago.

This morning’s sighting made me think of that British hymn, All Things Bright and Beautiful. I loved the James Herriot books and TV series that took their titles from that hymn, but that’s a story for a blog not yet begun.

Watch a video containing the hymn mentioned above.


My daughter spied a fox in our suburban back yard this morning. Apparently it ambled across the yard and around the house. It’s sad that wild animals need to move into residential areas – their habitat is being taken over by humans. What do foxes eat anyway?