Tuesday laziness

Spent a good deal of today playing with wordpress. Got one file completed for work, but I really need to focus on those files. The trouble is – it’s way boring and complicated. Where I used to be able to complete a file in an hour or less, the new configuration takes three to four hours a file. It’s not as if I have much say over this – we’re the sub-contractors on this project.

Clare needed a ride home from school. She told me about her terrible day on the drive home – it was a pretty awful day – lots of small annoyances happened all day including a smushed banana in her backpack and a stuffy nose and sinus headache. She also broke her favorite shoe.

I hung another couple of bird feeders. I wonder when I’ll have too many bird feeders in my yard – is has to be soon. I have seven now – and still have my Mothers Day one to hang. I’m going to pick up another double hooked hanging thing-a-ma-bob tomorrow – if I get out that is. I need to stop by the GS Leader’s house to drop off a permission slip, so might as well make it a satisfying trip.

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