18. Tchaikovsky makes me nervous

My mom had a black enamel jewelry box painted with Chinese-type decorations. Pagodas and such. She rarely wore jewelry from it (mostly inexpensive costume jewelry). When she did, it meant she was going out. The jewelry box played the most recognizable tune from Swan Lake.

As a small child – probably up until I could babysit my brother – I’d panic when I heard that tune. It meant babysitter. Why I didn’t like a babysitter is a mystery – I remember having fun with a few of them – but I hated it when my mom would go out. To this day that bit of Swan Lake makes me anxious.

That and the smell of Avon’s Topaz Cologne.

1 thought on “18. Tchaikovsky makes me nervous

  1. I love this post more than I can possibly say. And I’m looking forward to having time later today to listen in full to American Pi.


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