I want to read something fun

I don’t remember when I last read something fun. Unless you count Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince or some of the Lemony Snickett books. But even then – I was reading those because my kids wanted me to. The only other books I read are book group books – and lately they bore me. Even when I read a book I enjoy for book group, it’s not the same as finding one that looks interesting, sitting in a cosy chair and reading.

I went through my house and cataloged most of my books (I still have the kids’ rooms, attic and my work-related books to do) on LibraryThing. I found a lot of books I’d purchased, but not read for one reason or the other (probably because I had book group books to read). I also found Lady Chatterly’s Lover, a book I’d borrowed over a year ago. I started reading it before Christmas break and just now finished. I didn’t read it all at one go, but still. Four months to read a book with less than 300 pages in it?

I did recently read a good book. A very good book that I completely enjoyed, and have recommended everywhere, but it still was not exactly my choice. And while it was a REALLY GOOD BOOK, I wouldn’t call it fun.

I think I will try to finish The Awakening tonight (another book group book that is ok, but not fun). I bought it several years ago, meaning to read it, but never got to it. It reminds me of my Women in Education course I took when my kids were small and I was introduced to Tillie Olsen, Virginia Woolf and Adrienne Rich. So in the sense that I’m enjoying it, it is a little fun, but not at all light.

If I finish the Awakening before March 28 I will get to read something fun. I wonder what I will choose. Maybe The Thirteenth Tale. Or perhaps The Eyre Affair. Something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “I want to read something fun

  1. I’m afraid to recommend a book to anyone ever, but one of the last times I discovered a book that surprised me and swept me away was a couple of years ago when I found Dorothy Baker’s Cassandra at the Wedding, 1962, long out of print and reissued by New York Review Books.

    But it’s different from, say, Jurrasic Park.


  2. I like being swept away. I’ll check it out.

    Right now though – I’m finally reading for fun – Finished The Awakening. Glad I read it, liked it for what it was, but not as much fun as, lots of books I have waiting to be read. I began The Thirteenth Tale last night. Now that is fun.


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