23. Knights in tissue paper and chicken wire

As I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t really into a variety of popular music in high school, so when our Junior class chose the theme, Knights in White Satin for Homecoming I was clueless. And I don’t know why such and old song had been chosen. [Ahh, wikipedia says it was re-released in 1972 – that’s why.]

Although I cannot find a photo of the float, I imagine it had a football player dressed as a knight all in white, stomping the opponents. I still don’t know much about homecoming parades. They don’t have them here in Bethesda.

So, my memory of this Moody Blues song is of being cold, riding in the back of a pickup truck tossing candy to kids along the way. That’s me, in the pick-up truck. I’m the one wearing a black cap. You can see only my face.

3 thoughts on “23. Knights in tissue paper and chicken wire

  1. This is one of my all time favorite songs. And groups.I really have a thing for Graeme Edge. Kick Off Your Muddy Boots anyone?


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