A few things

  1. I finished Loving Frank. The middle got a little bogged down, but the ending was quite interesting. Disturbing, but interesting. It’s really made me want to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and gave me an appreciation of him and his work that I didn’t have before. I highly recommend the book.
  2. Dean and I went out last night. We were going to see a movie, but the movie we were going to see was sold out at the time we wanted to see it. So were all the other movies at that theater. So we went to a bar for a couple of beers then to a restaurant I thought was a favorite of mine. The last few times I went to Jaleo in Bethesda I left disappointed. It is very expensive and the food isn’t that good. Last night we were again disappointed. Too bad, I like the idea of tapas. We’ll not be going back.
  3. We’re not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, nor having anyone over. We may not even do a turkey since I’m the only person that likes turkey in this family. Maybe we’ll see a movie.
  4. It’s ginko ginkgo ball season. You can probably smell it from your house. P.     U.
  5. What does P. U. mean anyway? Is it supposed to be pew?
  6. Ok. that’s it.

8 thoughts on “A few things

  1. What movie did you want to see? And what’s a ginko ball? The only thing I’m smelling around here is smoke from my woodstove (and everybody else’s).


  2. Well, Dean wanted to see Rachel Getting Married. I just wanted to see a movie. I would have liked to see Happy Go Lively (Lucky?) — a Mike Leigh movie.

    A ginko ball is the fruit of the Ginkgo tree. I misspelled ginkgo — I always do that. The tree is lovely and apparently a living fossil, but the fruit smells like rotting garbage. In fact a neighbor came by last year wondering what kind of garbage we had stashed in our backyard.


  3. I like the idea of a living fossil tree. Even if it can best be described as PU. Isn’t the gingko supposed to be good for memory? I wonder if it’s the stinky fruit you’re supposed to eat?


  4. I wondered the same thing, Helen, but didn’t bother to look it up before I tasted (and encouraged my kids to taste) the fruit (before it got stinky — it stinks after it ripens). It was very very dry tasting & acrid — as if it were sucking the moisture off my tongue. We all spat it out and drank lots of water. It turns out that you’re not supposed to eat the fruit and it can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy to some sensitive people. Oops.


  5. I believe those ginko balls were on the trampoline the year I decided to go out and do a few bounces–those jeans still have the stain (fortunately no longer the smell) to prove it.


  6. Dean and the kids have pretty much picked up the offending fruit from the backyard. They say they had a good time. Their clothes smelled pretty bad when they came back in the house.


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