Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

Pictures online vs not

The other day I found a pile of printer paper with photographs printed on each piece. I looked at the photos and thought, wow, these are good. Next to the pile was a painting that my daughter was doing for school and I remembered that she’d printed out some of our Ireland photos and chose one to use as a model for her painting.

I looked at the photos again and wondered if they were ones we’d taken in Ireland. I suspected that Clare decided to search for the images of Ireland — photographs by better photographers than we are.

I was mistaken. The photos I found were all taken by us — probably Clare to be exact. I’d either not looked at the photos carefully, or holding even a poorly printed photograph is better than viewing one a computer monitor.

Here’s one of the photos. I’ll post the others on other days. (can you tell I have little to say today?)

A cow near our cottage

(yep, it looks better on paper)