Daily Archives: November 9, 2008

Happy 99th Grandma Green

My Grandma (Lois Elizabeth Koeser — or Elizabeth Lois Koeser — depending on who you believe) Green was born 99 years ago today. She was an unusual grandmother — I remember my brother saying something like, “Grandma doesn’t act like a grandma. She skips!” And he was telling the truth. She skipped (and sang about skipping) and did a lot of other things other grandmothers normally didn’t do when I was a kid.

She once told me about dancing the Charleston (and tried to teach me the steps) and going to speakeasys (speakeasies?) with my Grandfather.

On her birthday I cannot help thinking about her, remembering our times together and hoping that when I’m a grandmother (wait, she already was a grandmother several times over at my age) I hope I’m as fun to be around as she was.

She moved on to the next adventure in the late 1980’s. I was lucky to be around her during her final days.

Here she is in at a more traditional time — dressed up, ready to go out.