9. Faaaaaaar Out!

I tend to be a one musician at time person. I don’t know if that is normal or not, but there you have it. After my fleeting interest in Jack Wild and before I discovered Kate Bush I was a huge John Denver fan. Like with Kate Bush, it was the lyrics that caught and held me. Except for hearing songs on the radio, practically the only music I listened to during that time was John Denver’s music – the fact that I only had two of his albums meant that I listened to the same songs over and over and over…

One of my favorite songs on his Greatest Hits album was For Baby (For Bobbie). I pictured a man walking with his young son and showing him the wonders of nature. It was simple, and sweet and I liked it and made me think of what life would be like with a child of my own.

I remember seeing John Denver on a couple of TV specials, but the show that I remember the most was when he was on the Tonight Show – probably in 1973 or 1974. He may or may not have been wearing his signature glasses, but I suspect not. He was changing. When Johnny Carson (or Ed McMahon) urged him to say “Faaaaaaar Out!” he refused, saying, in essence, he was beyond that. I lost a little respect for him that night, and it was not much later that I put his albums away.

I never told too many people about my John Denver obsession – the ones I did, laughed at me. Still, when I hear a song that was on one of those two albums that I particularly liked, I usually smile and even tap my foot a little.

2 thoughts on “9. Faaaaaaar Out!

  1. I was a huge John Denver fan in my youth too. Got to see him perform once. Someone I know here in VT knew him a little in CO. She has this amazing black and white photo portrait of Denver in Red Square (I think), a gift to her from the photographer. I think the photographer has since died too, but I’m not one for always getting details right. I think she once referred to the photo as her retirement.


  2. John Denver…Love him.But I also like Bread too and received a lot of shit over that. “Get over it” I’d tell people, “just get over it! So what I like Bread and John Denver but I also love The Cure, The Clash and Elvis Costello too.”


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