Letter in Grandpa Green’s handwriting

This would normally go on another blog — one dedicated to letters to Mom, but because it is in Grandpa’s handwriting (the first page at least), I’m putting it here. Also I dreamt about him a few nights ago.

I think it was written the first year they lived in Chetek, Wisconsin, leaving Illinois and all their children. Grandpa retired from the Post Office — hence his knowledge of letters going astray. I don’t know what he means about “work” in the third paragraph. I don’t remember giving Grandma a pin — I would have been 13.

Dec 17, 1969

Dear Kids:

Please let us know when you receive the enclosed checks so we don’t keep wondering whether or not it went astray during this heavy mailing period.

It sure is beautiful outside. The ground is covered with snow, and all the pine boughs are hanging heavy with it. We are having no difficulty getting in and out. The county plow has been down and our snow blower works good. It has snowed some each day, except one, since the 6th.

We cut a Christmas tree and we were going to put it up and trim it yesterday. Instead, we went into town and got home early, ready for bed. Sooo, tree is still in the garage in it’s natural state. Maybe if we get it set up today, Mother can trim it tonight while I work.

Guess I better go into the post office and get the mail. A merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you all.

(the rest is in Grandma’s handwriting)

There is a lot of things I could say, like missing Christmas with you kids, meaning our family. I’ll write a long letter soon. Thanks for that money. I found it when I picked up the box, to put the pin on, that one which Dona gave me.

Much Love to all,
Mom & Dad

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