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Dancing Dollars & a sweet note from my class

I thought I had written a post about my students as Dancing Dollars a while back but I cannot find it if I did; so here’s the back story to a sweet note I found and want to share.

My first teaching job was at Bartlett Learning Center (Now Clare Woods Academy) where I taught students with developmental disabilities. Every year the school put on a musical. The first year I taught there the students put on Alice in Wonderland. The second year it was Robin Hood.

The music teacher wanted to include all students, but there were never enough roles in the play so she had to be creative. The year we put on Robin Hood there was a commercial for WMAQ Radio featuring dollars as a chorus line. Here’s the commercial.

The music teacher decided that my students would be dancing dollars that were a result of someone dreaming about money. (I don’t remember the rest of the play, but I do remember my students’ performance). I was no good at choreographing so a friend helped me out. I think my students stole the show. Another friend silk screened the dollar image on the felt. I think I sewed the costumes at the shoulders and waist. Or perhaps my mom did.

I just came across a thank you note from my students.

Vintage greeting cards: Miscellaneous


Enjoy your trip (card company not specified)

People don’t send cards to other people who are going on trips anymore, as far as I know. This one is silly and doesn’t make sense (why a cow?), but I like the definite 70s vibe.


Wedding Congratulations (A Sunshine Card)

Another Sunshine Card — and very vintage-y.


Congratulations! (A Sunshine Card)

This one is sort of boring. Maybe the above card should have been an anniversary card and this should have been the wedding card.