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Vintage Greeting Cards: Get Well Soon

Get well soon cards are kind of stupid. Most people don’t send cards to others when they have a cold or the flu, but for more serious illnesses — and people don’t always get well soon in that case.

Just a Note (A Sunshine Card)

I thought this was a no-occasion card until I read the inside more carefully. I like this one — it doesn’t instruct anyone to get well soon.

No front greeting (A Sunshine Card)

This card is very 70s. It is unusual for a Sunshine card in that there is no illustration on the back. This card wouldn’t really fly today. People are no longer encouraged to tell others to “cheer up”.

Here’s hoping your sickness blows over (card company not specified)

I remember this card from my childhood. It’s silly and glittery. And what about that “An” instead of “and” on the inside? What’s that about?

Dona’s sixth grade report card: Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson was the best teacher ever. She encouraged my love of reading. When I entered her class from Miss Jaderman’s class I was initially placed in the lower reading group with a different 6th grade teacher but somehow Mrs. Anderson knew I was a good reader and brought me to her reading group. I don’t think we used typical reading books in her class, but we read real books — and she read to us. After reading each of the books we would often do a special project as a class. For instance, after reading The Hobbit we made a hobbit hole out of chicken wire and papier-mâché. After reading Wind in the Willows we put on a play and presented it to the school. We even did the screen writing ourselves — turning the book into scenes. I excelled at that. We may or may not have put so much effort into the other subjects, but we sure had fun with language arts.

Reading Mrs. Anderson’s comments makes me smile. I don’t know that I knew she considered me a “favorite”. It took me years to overcome my shyness — and I still fall into it now and then.

Vintage Greeting Cards: No occasion

Along with the birthday cards my mom had were these “just a note” cards.

Hello! (card company not specified)

I like this one and will probably use it someday.

Best Wishes (a Sunshine Card)

Best wishes is usually reserved for birthdays but I suppose you can wish someone best wishes on not-their-birthday.

Just to Say Hello (American Greetings)

This is so 1970s!